Neurofeedback is a theraputic Intervention that provides immediate feedback from a computer-based program that assesses a client’s brainwave activity. The program then uses sound or visual signals to reorganize or retrain these brain signals. By responding to this process, clients learn to regulate and improve their brain function and to alleviate symptoms of various neurological and mental health disorders.

NFT does not involve either surgery or medication and is neither painful nor embarrassing. When provided by a licensed professional with appropriate training, generally trainees do not experience negative side-effects.

  • During the initial session the licensed professional will go over the process of  neurofeedback and answer any questions you have about neurofeedback.

  • During the second session the client will have a brain scan, Quantitative Electroenceophalography Brain Map

  • Neurofeedback will begin the following session. For best results, the client typically has two sessions per week.

  • We ask that you eat and drink water before your neurofeedback sessions. 

  • Once the client completes 10 neurofeedback sessions he/she will have another brain scan.

  • Two weeks later, the licensed professional will schedule a follow up appointment to go over the brain scan report.

  • At this point, if needed, the client can  choose to end their neurofeedback or continue on with 10 more sessions.